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Interview with teacher and author, Frank Adamo

Q. Is there really a big job market for English-speaking teachers abroad?

F.A. English is the international language of science, medicine, information technology and business, and is fast becoming the international language in other fields as well. For example, according to a recent issue of Newsweek, all of the world's top 10 universities are in the U.S. and Britain, and 30-40% of our doctoral students come from overseas. If foreign students want the best education to get the best jobs, they need to speak English. In some foreign cities, students need to pass an English exam to enter their own universities!

Q. What about the job market for teachers in Italy right now (2015)?

F.A. Frustration with traditional Italian schools has led to the increasing popularity of international schools offering the entire curriculum in English. There are teacher jobs for English-speaking teachers in every subject, especially English as a second language (ESL). Americans, Canadians and Australians are working in Italy even though they aren't citizens of the European Union, but there is stiff competition. The world financial crisis has led to many English speakers who never dreamed of teaching anything, let alone English, looking for teaching jobs abroad. Working in Italy nowadays is becoming an impossible dream, especially for casual job-seekers who naively hope to find employment without bothering to become well-informed.

Q. Is "TEFL" or other certification necessary to teach abroad?

F.A. As in many other countries, the rate of successful foreign language learning in Italy is very low. Outdated teaching methods combined with a lack of student motivation translate into frequent failure in learning ESL. This situation has led to the rise of teacher training frauds. Web sites claiming to offer jobs abroad are merely selling "TEFL" or similar courses. You apply for what are actually fictitious teaching positions, and then you are told: "Since you don't have a TEFL certificate you'll have to pay €1,000 for our course." By the time you finish the course, the "position" you applied for is no longer available. The scammers are on the blogs posing as your good buddy, while steering you to buy courses, and they feed false info into the online encyclopedias. The scammers often pose as teachers who worked in Italy and offer superficial advice, with the inevitable plug to be sure you "get qualified" by buying a TEFL course.

Q. What exactly is your claim to expertise in teaching in Italy?

F.A. I've been teaching ESL in northern and southern Italy for nearly 20 years, and I continually update the most detailed, comprehensive and authoritative employment guide available: Teach English in Italy, now in its second edition. Although a printed edition is available from Amazon and other booksellers, the printed book was already out-of-date by the time it reached the shelves. The most up-to-date information and jobs are only available in the eBook you can order from this web page.

Q. What kind of information, specifically, does your book offer?

F.A. Step-by-step instructions to find jobs in every field of opportunity: university positions, state schools, commercial language centers, and freelance tutoring, PLUS practical help to do your job effectively. PLUS a list of genuine job openings with the employers' contact information. The perfect gift for graduating students, recent grads, the unemployed, career changers...

Q. How has the current financial crisis affected the job market for English-speaking teachers in Italy?

F.A. The reality is that there are more people looking for jobs as ESL teachers now, but most people make the mistake of simply searching for the latest job ads and then sending off their C.V. (résumé) as quickly as possible. They literally don't know what they're doing, and waste their time and energy for nothing. Even in booming Asian economies like China, an uninformed person is more likely to fall victim of a fraud than find decent employment.

Q. Anything else we should know before investing our time and money in a new career?

F.A. The web is great because you can get some information quickly and easily, but don't make the costly mistake of thinking you'll find out everything you need to know by reading three or four pages on a few web sites, or casual conversation on blogs - the blind leading the blind. If you really want to be well-informed you still need to read a book, if not several. You can read the whole story in the eBook Teach English in Italy to take advantage of my extensive experience, and then you can contact me by email or telephone for continuing advice every step of the way.

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As reported in the Wall Street Journal beware of sites that ask you to enter your personal information in a "résumé database," since you may be at risk of identity theft. Schools aren't so desperate for teachers that they go searching through the databases of sites selling short certificate courses of questionable value.

If you have been the victim of an expensive "TEFL" or similar certificate course scam, contact me (the webmaster link below) for assistance in legal proceedings.

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