About TeachItaly.com



When I first started in 1998, I was the first and only web resource on teaching in Italy. I held first position for my ketwords on all the major search engines and was linked to by every major site even remotely related to working abroad.

A few years ago I voluntarily sold my old domain name (WorldTeach.com) to accommodate WorldTeach.org because I was receiving a lot of their traffic by mistake. Since most search engines rank sites according to the number of other sites that link to you, my new domain name "TeachItaly.com" had to start from scratch.

While I was working my way back up the search engine rankings a few competitors moved into my niche, even though they aren't specifically about Italy. They have, or suddenly created, one or two pages about Italy and sell expensive products (e.g. certificate courses) that aren't specific to Italy, and create the mistaken impression that certificates are necessary in "Italy or any other country."

Such unscrupulous companies enjoy high positions on the search engines because their sites as a whole have more links than I do, not because their content is of higher quality or more relevant to Italy. As any human-based ranking can plainly see, I'm still the best web resource specifically about teaching in Italy, and TeachItaly.com is now at the top of the search engines again for my keywords!

- Frank Adamo. (For my personal author bio, see the back cover of the printed version of the book Teach English in Italy.


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