English for Italian Students

with exercises and answer key




        A large-format 8½”x 11” textbook and workbook in one volume, suitable for beginning students or as a review for intermediate and advanced students, with translations in Italian which are as helpful for the English teacher as for the Italian student. All of English grammar is covered, with an extensive vocabulary of over 1,500 words and idiomatic expressions. Common errors and pitfalls are explained with the Italian learner in mind.

         Long-winded grammatical discussions are avoided; the emphasis throughout is on practical usage for effective communication. Unlike most grammar books, English for Italian Students is filled with humor and irony, and short essays for Reading Practice explore fascinating topics from Roman history to the modern philosophy of language. Designed to motivate students and make education fun for the teacher as well.


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Introduction (Introduzione)                                                                         5

1. I, You, He/She… (Io, tu, lui/lei…)                                                           6

2. To Be or Not To Be (Essere o non essere)                                              8

3. To Have or Not to Have (Avere o non avere)                                            10

4. A, An, The (Un, il/la)                                                                            12

5. Countable Nouns (Nomi che si possono contare)                                    14

6. This, That, These, Those (Questo, quello)                                               16

7. There Is, There Are (C’è, ci sono)                                                          18

8. My, Your, His, Our… (Mio, tuo, suo, nostro…)                                       20

9. A Person’s Thing (Cose di persone o animali)                                         22

10. Things of Nature (Cose di non-persone/animali)                                     24

11. Mine, Yours, Ours…(Il Mio, il tuo, il nostro)                                           26

12. Me, Him, Them… (Me, te, ecc.)                                                           28

13. Myself, Yourself… (Riflessivi)                                                                30

14. Eat, Drink, Be Merry! (Imperativi)                                                          32

15. She Walks, She Talks (Presente semplice)                                          34

16. Plurals of Nouns (Plurali di nomi)                                                         36

17. Always, Usually, Sometimes… (Avverbi di frequenza)                             38

18. I’m Coming/Going(Presente progressivo)                                            40

19. I’ll See You Tomorrow… (Futuro semplice)                                            42

20. Are You Going to Do It? (Futuro con ‘going to’)                                      44

21. Shall We Dance? (Uso di ‘shall’)                                                           46

22. I Was, You Were… (Passato semplice)                                                48

23. I Was Eating (passato progressivo)                                                     50

24. I’ll Be Speaking English (Futuro progressivo)                                         52

25. In, On, At, Above… (Preposizioni)                                                         54

26. A Great Italian Singer (Ordine degli aggettivi)                                         56

27. I Have Spoke (Presente perfetto)                                                          58

28. I Have Been Studying (Presente perfetto progressivo)                             60

29. Tall, Taller, Tallest (Comparativi, superlativi)                                           62

30. Some, Any… (Partetivi)                                                                       64

31. Another, the Other… (Un Altro, l’altro)                                                  66

32. I Had Gone (Trapassato)                                                                     68

33. I Had Been Trying (Trapassato progressivo)                                           70

34. He Said She Worked (Discourso indiretto)                                            72

35. Something Else, Anywhere Else (Qualcos’altro, qualsiasi altro posto)     74

36. I Will Have Been (Futuro anteriore)                                                        76

37. I Would Say That (Condizionale)                                                           78

38. If I Were Rich (Il Congiuntivo, magari)                                                   80

39. Must, Can… (verbi modali)                                                                  82

40. We Are driven (Voce passiva)                                                             84

41. I Was Swept Away (Passivo passato e futuro)                                      86

42. Being an American (il Gerundio)                                                           88

43. Turn on, Tune in, Drop out (Verbi composti)                                          90

44. The Man Who Wrote the Book (Clausole relativi)                                  92

45. What I say (Clausola come soggetto/oggetto)                                      94

46. But, But, But… (Ma, ma, ma)                                                             96

47. When, While, Because (Quando, mentre, perchè)                                98

48. You’re New Here, Aren’t You? (‘Non è vero’?)                                   100

49. Idiomatic Expressions (Espressioni idiomatici)                                  102

50. Odds and Ends (Ecc.)                                                                      104

Answer Key (Soluzioni degli esercizi)   106

Vocabulary (Vocabolario)                     111

Numbers (I Numeri)                            127