Revolt of the Children


A novel


Some time after World War II in Palermo’s old quarter, Borgo Vecchio, poor and neglected children still play among the ruins of bombed-out buildings along the decaying port. A chance accident puts a powerful weapon in the hands of a few street kids, and they are soon forced to use it to defend themselves from abusive adults.


The insensitivity of the adult world provokes the kids into a minor, isolated act of rebellion, but in the heat of the summer it soon mushrooms into a citywide riot, and eventually spreads throughout the island. The government calls out the troops and the pint-sized rebels are crushed, but as news of the rebellion reaches the north a nationwide reaction forces the state to reconsider the children’s needs.



This is a story of heroism on a grand scale, where the smallest and unlikeliest recruits take on the massive power of a modern European state. Students have praised the elaborate detail with which the local culture is described, and the moving sacrifices of the long-suffering children have brought tears to readers’ eyes.


The author, Frank Adamo, has created an English-Italian glossary for ESL students, making this book the ideal text for intermediate and advanced students of English. Soon to be a major motion picture (we hope!) Be among the first to use this little-known text in your courses before it becomes a cult classic! To order contact:


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