Study in Italy


Study Abroad Italy Programs for high school and university students to spend some time studying in Italy, offering a wide variety of subject areas in several Italian cities.,Italy/default.aspx Academic, summer, and volunteer programs in Italy and Sicily.

Global Student Experience Study the Italian language in Florence or Rome.

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Programs in four cities to learn and teach Italian, plus "last minute" study/travel packages.

Istituto Europeo Offers many art, sculpture and music courses in Italy.

EuroPass Cooking courses, 1-2 weeks, in Florence.


Internships in Italy


U.S.-Italy Fulbright Commission 

Centro linguistico italiano Dante Alighieri Opportunities to get experience in business, fashion, public relations, etc. in Florence.

EuroPlacement Intern and trainee programs in international business, marketing, administration, media and journalism, etc.

World Endeavors Sorts training with an Italian soccer team.

IAESTE Science, engineering, architecture, computers, environmental studiesand other technical fields, in various cities.

Gastronomy Internship follows the 6-8 week Master's program in gastronomy and tourism (contact for locations).

Amnesty International Opportunities for activism in Italy (this site is in Italian).