English for Kids


High-tech learning for kids age 1 or older. Download or DVD. Better than book-learning!


Real kids for peer learning: research shows that kids learn more by modeling than by instruction, and they learn more readily from other kids than from adults. Trained kid-models are the best teachers.


Communicative language used by kids every day: simple dialogue kids need to play with each other. (Sentences and questions.) Doesn’t waste time and bore kids memorizing long lists of category words.


Spoken language first: the goal is to hear the language, then understand what you hear, and then speak eventually – no reading or writing until later ages! There is plenty of time to learn reading and writing after kids understand and use spoken language.


This video is about PLAY in order to stimulate children’s internal motivation to learn. There is great $value$ in knowing English or any foreign language, but parents and teachers should NOT confuse and bore kids by focusing on abstract rewards in the future.


In this video kids learn a spoken vocabulary of hundreds of different words, focusing on the 100 most frequently used English words in simple, common phrases. Intermediate and advanced videos coming soon.




Special introductory offer: Download this high-quality video now for half-price: only €15 (regular price €30), and your future video downloads will also be half-price. You’ll receive the download link after payment confirmation is received (within 24 hours).



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