Here are some of the interesting things you’ll learn

when you read Teach English in Italy by Frank Adamo.



  1. The world’s most popular destination for teachers.
  2. The friendliest and most enthusiastic students.
  3. Are degrees and certificates less important here?
  4. What qualifications are really necessary.

Teaching in Universities

  1. What makes Italian universities different.
  2. How foreigners work in Italian universities.
  3. Where to find the addresses of current staff.
  4. Who to contact and what to say.
  5. Where university positions are advertised.
  6. How to apply and be taken seriously.
  7. Where your best chances are.
  8. How to improve your chances.
  9. How to avoid wasting your time.
  10. How to supplement a part-time income.

Teaching in State Schools

  1. The advantages of working in state schools.
  2. What Italian students are like.
  3. What the official application procedure is.
  4. What the unofficial procedure is.
  5. If you should introduce yourself ...
  6. How the new system in some schools is different.
  7. What the official visa application process is.
  8. The easy way for Americans, Canadians and Australians.
  9. What teachers who work without a visa should know.

Teaching in Private Schools

  1. How private schools are different.
  2. What questions to ask before you start.
  1. The games private schools play.
  2. How to avoid the usual tricks.
  3. Imaginary schools promoting certificate courses.

Private Lessons

  1. Can you earn a living teaching private lessons?
  2. Advantages of private lessons: selling your services
  3. Where to find your own students.
  4. When to advertise and what to say.
  5. The best way to advertise.
  6. When advertising is no longer necessary.
  7. The wrong places to go (not where you think!)
  8. Negotiating with potential students.
  9. Which students to refuse (not the ones you think!)
  10. How much to charge (you need a calculator).
  11. Payment terms and conditions.
  12. Translations (when your Italian is good enough).
  13. Dealing with the tax police.
  14. How to avoid failure (easy if you know how).

Teaching Techniques

  1. Research on Second Language Acquisition
  2. How to teach English to Italian students.
  3. The image and the reality of modern Italy.
  4. The nation’s recent, unwritten history.

Job List

  1. Original job announcements with contact info.
  2.  Free updates by email for 30 days.

Bonus Chapter

  1. Little-known opportunities in nearby Albania.
  2. How to Start Your Own Private School.




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